Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 July 2009 to 2 November 2010

When Sarah resigned, EVERYBODY thought she was dead politically.  Sure, she had some support in the great unwashed American swamps and was planning on writing a book, but she was pretty much toast and her fifteen minutes of fame was done.

People should have realised from that very day that she wasn't going away at all.  The mere fact that her resignation eclipsed the Michael Jackson story should have raised a few warning alerts for her enemies.  Her resignation speech was, I believe, delivered as haphazardly as possible (well for leftist brains anyway) - it was purposefully and masterfully designed to keep the discussion going for a long time.

You can view the Gallup Obama poll results after her resignation and you will note that the greatest , and subsequent sustained drop in his approval started at that point.  That was the point where the collective spell, that America was under, snapped.  The spell that insisted that the 1000 year reign of Obama was inevitable.  She changed that. By herself.

On the 2nd of November, Americans will drive the final nail in the Obama coffin.  On the 3rd of November, Sarah Palin will unleash the next phase of her American Revolution.  It will be subtle but will build into an unstoppable force by 2012.  Look at what she has managed to achieve in 16 months.  It can only get better.

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