Friday, October 1, 2010

Bringing about change is hard—that's what I said during the campaign. . . .

actually this is what Obama said during the campaign:

On Nov. 14, 2007, presidential candidate Barack Obama met with employees of Google ....he said, “Last point, Guantanamo. That’s easy. Close down Guantanamo.”

A few days earlier...Obama said, “As president, I will end the war in Iraq. We will have our troops home in 16 months. I will close Guantanamo. I will restore habeas corpus...” That wasn’t the first, or the last time he said that; Obama went down his national security laundry list hundreds of times during the campaign, rarely, if ever, giving Guantanamo more than a few words.

It’s often said that Obama is learning what it means to be commander in chief....In 2007, Obama said, “That’s easy. Close down Guantanamo.” in 2009 he said, “Let me be blunt: There are no neat or easy answers here.”
He's such a douchebag.

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