Saturday, October 2, 2010

Anomalies and Obamalies

Meg Whitman has spent over $100 million trying to become the next Californian Governator.  Sarah Palin didn't endorse her - which is a good thing because the wombats in the media would have had headlines like: 'Sarah Palin Supports Illegals' or 'Palin Candidate Fails' or 'Over $100 million wasted - Palin to blame'

Rouse the Louse is now Chief of Staff.  I think Obama has painted himself unwittingly into a corner.  I will be willing to predict that the Palin operation has something on him that will damn the administration.

Obama looks like a stunned mullet every time someone calls him out on his failure to actually deliver.  It's like he actually believes in unicorns and the tooth fairy.

So when Republicans control the House and Senate after November, how many things will Obama have to sign into law for the next two years?  I'm guessing not a whole lot.  This would probably suit him well because then he can go and do what he loves doing the most: Campaigning.  Here's hoping he has an absolutely dreadful last two years in power.

The March for sanity should be useful.  At least there should be a leftist media version of crowd size that can be used as a reference.

Remember when people thought it would be impossible to crack jokes about Obama because he was so perfect?

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