Sunday, October 24, 2010

Let the backlash begin

The leftists, and some weasels on the right, got a 30 second preview of 'Sarah Palin's Alaska'.  What they saw scared the bejeebus out of them.  Once it airs, they will no longer be able to belittle this giant.  Their smears and lies will no longer work.  The only people left in America who would still hate Sarah Palin would be the useful idiots amongst the hoi polloi.  They're only 33% of the electorate.

So Juan Williams, a mysogynistic asshat I can barely tolerate, gets fired from the NPR.  Big deal.  The real joy in it was watching how liberals tried to defend him - and in doing so they were defending the right of people to voice their concerns about muslims in planes.  Heck I live on the other side of the planet and I can barely handle it when I see one on the bus.

Sarah Palin has probably backed 100 candidates for 2 Nov.  I'm willing to bet that if 99 of them win but only Christine O'Donnell loses, that's all we will hear about.  But Sarah said that Christine will win.  I know who I believe and it isn't Rove.

It's amazing how many peope actually believe that Sarah Palin is resonsible for the 'I can see Russia from my house' comment  Even that Fox and Friends dimbulb Gretchen Carlson seems to think so (not that I expect much from breakfast TV hosts anyway) - but supposedly savvy commentators and political editors seem to think so as well.  I'd be interested to see how that gets remedied.  A thought I just had is that maybe they've managed to make the dimwits believe that Tina Fey's version of the Couric interview was the real deal as well.....

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