Friday, October 22, 2010

Oh boy

The next 11 days until the 2nd of November are going to be pretty messed up. 

Politico has copied the Vanity Fair (and Newsweek) template for Sarah Palin hit pieces.  The framework is simple: Make her look bad. Use nameless sources as proof. Don't apologise when the truth comes out that it's all a lie.

It is interesting how they have chosen to frame Palin.

Politico - Hurricane Sarah
'Sarah Palin is disorganised and breaks promises and wreaks havoc wherever she goes.  She really should just stay out of it'

Newsweek - Saint Sarah
'Sarah Palin wants to be your God - or at least create a cult in her name. Amen'

Vanity Fair - Sarah Palin:The Sound and the Fury
'Sarah Palin is a total nutjob and people everywhere cower in fear lest they incur the wrath of this mad mad woman'

The truth is that the reptilian brains of leftists sense that Sarah Palin exists for the sole purpose of slaying the progressive agenda.  If she fails, they survive; otherwise they die.  Of course I think they're also a bit pissed off about the whole 1773 incident where their 'smartness' was refudiated.

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