Monday, October 25, 2010

I don't get the whole 'anti-gay' thing

I've been politically conservative for most of my life - except when I was a dumbass student and I thought commies were cool.  Thankfully I moved on from that - as I'm sure most people do when it's time to grow up.

What has always fascinated me from an American politics perspective is the whole anti-gay thing.  Things like DADT don't make sense to me.  If a gay person wanted to go to war and shoot bad-assed muslims terrorists then I couldn't give a rats ass what their lifestyle preferences happened to be.

I can understand that there are some way out there leftist gay whackjobs - just as much as there are way out there right wing whackjobs so that's not a reason to be anti-gay.

Even the whole gay marriage things doesn't bother me - just call it a civil union and be done with it.

I think Sarah Palin will fix this.  If she does then she will be the one who forever changes the dynamic.

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  1. I share your view and I think that conservatives are starting to come to their senses.

    Sarah Palin can fix this and if she does she will move a lot of people from independent and moderate Democrat to the conservative side of the ledger and make herself unstoppable if she chooses to run for President.