Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Palin for America

Figured I would try a campaign button design.  Someone should stick this on a button :)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sustaining the Beast

It is interesting to note that there is a concerted effort amongst a vast swathe of the media, and associated elite, to keep Sarah Palin at the forefront of peoples minds - in the worst way possible.  The image they want people to have of her are:

1. She's stupid
To reinforce this they refer to any one of the following;
 - she's doesn't read (Katie Couric)
 - she can see Russia from her house (Tina Fey)
 - she thinks North Korea is an ally (Glenn Beck)
 - she writes on her hand (Self)
 - she makes words up (Refudiate)

It doesn't matter that the first three aren't based on fact - if even the supposedly smart (yes you Krauthammer) buy into these then it's a simple task to get the great unwashed stupid Americans to believe it to be true.

2. She's not qualified to be President
To reinforce this they refer to any one of the following;

 - she's a quitter
 - she doesn't have gravitas (Karl Rove)
 - she doesn't have any foreign policy credentials
 - she's polarizing
 - she's uneducated

The interesting thing is that the "She's Stupid" approach will be the first to fall - and they know this.  You will start seeing fewer and fewer references to her mental faculties as 2011 rolls along.

For the other points, my thoughts are:

  • the quitter effect will be reduced to insignificance by the end of 2011
  • the gravitas one is an interesting one because it's usually associated with old white men. This is an interesting take on gravitas.  I think that if I listen to someone like Ronald Reagan, and then I listen to Sarah Palin, they are clearly two different people and based on that I could be made to say that Reagan has more gravitas than Palin.  But I could also read the following and infer gravitas:
 ...I hope and pray that we share the same bedrock beliefs.  It is our responsibility to preserve and pass on those beliefs ....they are what make the citizens of this great country Americans - not by blood, or race, or creed, but by heart.  May we always be so.  Sarah Palin - America by Heart
  • the lack of foreign policy credentials is real - I think she will work on that in 2011.
  • she's kidding Sherlock !  She makes leftists want to leave the USA. That's a good thing.
  • she's uneducated....somehow I think that the lack of an Ivy league education may stand her in good stead with those great unwashed stupid Americans out there that Oprah has a lot of faith in
2011 is going to a beast of a year

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sarah Palin - Phoenix

I think it's funny how those who say she's a quitter, wish she would quit doing what she's doing right now.

I think she's not Reaganesque - she's Palinesque.  I can only imagine that 30 years from now, she will stand as a force in her own right; in part for finishing what Reagan left undone - the complete undoing of the leftist agenda

I think that there is an excellent opportunity to, when asked if she's "qualified to be President", to say this: "If your interpretation of being qualified to be President means I need to have snorted cocaine, like Obama, then no I am not" - I suggest she takes Obama out on this during the first Presidential debate.

Everyone knows she will run.  Everyone expects her to announce late.  I expect her to announce first.  In January 2011.  Oh and she will do so via her YouTube channel.
I believe that when she stepped onto the stage in 2008, she wasn't ready for what hit her.  I believe after McCain lost, she took it hard and the left almost succeeded in ending her politically.  They should have left her alone if that's what they wanted.  Instead they went to work, like the bottom feeders they are, to destroy her.  Sarah reloaded.  The 1000 year reign of Sarah 'Phoenix' Palin has begun.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stupid Americans have a choice to make

I note that all and sundry are piling on Sarah Palin right now - I suspect they are doing everything in their power to prevent her from running by attempting to convince her that she's unelectable.  I think they've missed the point completely.

Sarah will run - and she will be in it to win it.  If she doesn't win it then what she will do is forever imprint her true record in the hearts and minds of Americans.  Reagan lost to Ford in 1976 but in doing so he gave lie to the media meme that he was an idiot - and look what happened in 1980. 

If Sarah doesn't wn the primary then she will return with a vengeance in 2016; whoever does win, will lose to Obama.  However, if she does win the primary then she will slay Obama.  I suppose, like Oprah says, stupid Americans have a choice to  make.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I find it interesting that Krauthammer bemoans the lack of substance from Sarah Palin.   I have examined the evidence and from this have deduced the following:

  • Krauthammer doesn't know how to work that Facebook Twittery thing on the interwebs so he hasn't read anything she has actually written
  • Krauthammer told Sarah Palin to get out of the kitchen (or in it) when she unleashed the single-most effective refudiation of Obamacare by referring to their true nature - death panels.  Apparently she was supposed to write a 1000 word essay using wonky words that nobody except Krauthammer and his cohorts would understand. 
  • Krauthammer is an intellectually dishonest asshat

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sarah Palin 2012 Poster

You have to hand it to the media

they spend over two years trying to destroy Sarah Palin in every way imaginable and then think you should be surprised that a slice of the population finds her unelectable.

But like she said, the primary process is a fantastic opportunity to correct misperceptions and fallacies.  She's running and they had better watch out.

I also find it amusing that peple with significantly fewer mental faculties than the ever-brilliant Sarah Palin, seem to think she's damaging her Presidential aspirations by fighting back.  How dare she !! 

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christine Todd Whitman - yet another dumbass

So this former governer of New Jersey (what's up with them?) decides to opine that Sarah Palin isn't Presidential and doesn't deserve her support.  If I was Sarah I would be pleased that I wasn't associated with this racist liar

Behind every good man.....


Friday, December 10, 2010

An observation

I find it interesting that the wikileaks protectorate decided that the only person worthy of attack was Sarah Palin.

It appears that hackers know she's important.  Hacks....less so

Thursday, December 9, 2010

God, Guns, Guts and Sarah Palin

It's funny how the left portrayed her as a moose-hunting, gun-totin' woman from Wasilla....then when she validated their beliefs, their heads exploded.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Aaron Snortin

I find it interesting that Palin uses Social Media to own the asses of leftists like coke snortin' duo Barack Obama and Aaron Sorkin

CNN - Shannon Travis

No wonder things are messed up.  The dolts at CNN do not know how to use Google !!

This article  says this:

Wikileaks founder making things up

By: CNN Political Producer Shannon Travis

Washington (CNN) – Sarah Palin is telling one of the world's most controversial figures: don't put words in my mouth.

On Tuesday, Palin tweeted: "Someone making things up again? Keep seeing this quote attributed to me. Huh?"
...referring to Assange's fresh op-ed, that currently appears in the newspaper The Australian, and that is what prompted Palin's tweet.

In the op-ed, Assange defends the publication of the secret documents. But he also writes, "Sarah Palin says I should be 'hunted down like Osama bin Laden."

It's that quote, being attributed to Palin, that apparently has her up in arms.

Though Palin clearly calls for pursuing Assange like al Qaeda leaders are being pursued, she did not exactly write that he should be "hunted down like Osama bin Laden."

As for the other part of Palin's tweet, "Keep seeing this quote," CNN checked to see if it's been reported other places and could not find any other citations of it.

Well CNN, meet Google:

Obama Bows Again

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Technorati - Keeping it Classy

So this asshat

writes this


He firstly seems to think it's pretty interesting how many times 'the guys with her touch her...' notwithstanding the fact that one of them is her dad

And then he says the comments at the youtube site are awesome....a sample below

His mother must be proud.

Hi Sarah

Yeah yeah....let a guy dream :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

How come John Voight gets it?

She saved Alaska by resigning

Q. What are your thoughts on Sarah Palin? Are you a fan?

A. I'm a big fan. I think she's a remarkable person.  May I say this, to the Alaskan people. I think you should be very proud of her. She certainly represents the spirit of the Alaskan.

She certainly loves her Alaska. She loves it. But there's something extraordinary in her. She's very smart. And the attacks against her, even just based on the attacks against her, I would like her. Because all these mean-spirited people try to find something wrong with this very admirable person. It's quite transparent that they're just bad-intentioned folks trying to bring down this very nice gal.

Q. Would you vote for her for president?

A. I sure would. I sure would vote for her if she was running for president.... Some people have said that they were upset with her for leaving the governorship when she did. I disagree with those people. I think she saved Alaska with that move. She had capable people who were going to take over ... She was being attacked, she was being prevented from governing. And they knew it. That's what they were intending to do.

They were going to bring her down. She had to answer all of these nonsense lawsuits and everybody who's gone through one lawsuit knows the stress that puts on you. The time that it puts on you. The money it draws from you. She was being destroyed in her governance of the state and in her personal well being

What she did was she took the target and moved it. She took it away from Alaska. Great. She did a great service there. And smart as hell.

I don't understand leftists

They elect a dimbulb community organiser, with ZERO executive experience, and they wonder why he isn't cutting it right now.  He obviously needs to start campaigning for President again because that's what he's good at.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

2012: Obama's Top Ten 'Lucky' Breaks

This asshat appears to be gifted when it comes to things falling his way when he needs it most.  Go through his political career and it's filled with: people mysteriously dropping out and gifting him the win, or with events that favour him.  So in 2012, this is my 'Top Ten' list of things that will magically happen in his favour:

10.  Michelle will fall pregnant
9. One of his kids will get really ill but then get well again
8. Osama Bin Laden will be captured
7. Unemployment will inexplicably drop to below 7%
6. Some idiot country will try do battle with America and Obama will snuff it out extra supremely quickly
5. They will discover life on a different planet
4. Some lame-ass will win the GOP nomination
3. Someone will try and shoot him but miss, or just wound him slightly
2. World leaders will put out a joint statement that the world is doomed without his righteous ass in power
1. Secret footage of him being a 'christian' will be released

The list is probably not in order

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


What the whizz-kids at GWAR actually did was show that Sarah Palin is indestructible.  They chopped her in half and she beat them about the head with her intestines.  Tough chick this Sarah Palin - be afraid Joe very afraid

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

WikiLeaks - the real prize

I think the most misunderstood aspect of the Wikileaks fiasco is that it signals the end of the Clinton era.  I think Obama is pleased.

Obama Maths

Borrow  a trillion dollars.
Print 600 billion dollars.

Propose federal pay freeze to save a few billion dollars. 

Wait for media to proclaim you to be fiscally responsible.

Who would you rather have as commander in chief?

or President Fail?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sarah is running for 2012

The leftists and the blue-blood finally figured this out and they've been losing the plot ever since.  I knew she was going to run when she bought the domain name a while back.  She has said that she will run an unconventional campaign and you had better believe it.

My predictions as to how she will campaign and run are:

1.  Any state that is a true-blue state will get a wide berth.  She won't spend a cent.
2.  Facebook and twitter will remain as key campaign tools but she will branch out and use youtube like nobody else has.  Gone are the long text screeds for policy and what-not and in comes Sarah speaking straight into the camera.  Youtube videos are so much more effective and viral than links to written stuff
3.  She really will avoid numbnuts like Couric - but I do expect to see John Stewart in the mix.  The View...not so much
4.  I anticipate that there's something afoot that will eliminate Tina Fey from the equation as well
5.  Her first debate with Obama will be the most watched debate ever - and she will make him look like an idiot.  Liberal heads will explode all over the world.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

They're like maggots

Sarah Palin has discovered how to trigger mad cow disease amongst leftists -state the truth about Michelle Obama.

Firstly it was MO's shock horror at finding herself strangely proud of her country for the first time ever.  Of course lefties blew their lids and decreed that Sarah was obviously racist because she hadn't spoken to MO about how she felt about her ancestors being slaves and all that - because that's obviously why MO was prohibited from being proud.  What a bunch of crap.

Anyway, now she's a stupid dangerous whore who should just shut the fcuk up

Blueblood Queen

I say screw Reagan's 11th commandment.  Take these people down.

Random thoughts

I hope Sarah doesn't pardon the turkeys when she's President.  She should beat one over the head just to make 'peta' go nuttier than they already are

I'm thinking the left should worry more about what Obama is actually going to do about North Korea than Sarah's slip of the tongue

I haven't commented about DWTS and I don't plan to...oh wait...but seriously - Jennifer Grey really neeeded that win - it's her everything.

For all the wombat Sarah supporters who would like to offer her advice about how she could do better, how many of you would have advised her to resign?  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.  She knows what she's doing.

Remember that Reagan chose Bush as his running mate even though Bush said he was mad for thinking that Reaganomics would work.  Don't be surprised if Sarah has Mitt as her running mate...the blue-blooded Bush Clan will have to back her then.....

Obama says he doesn't think about Sarah at all......he lies so badly

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Classy Lady

So very sorry for the loss of 29 lives in New Zealand's Pike River Mine. May prayers comfort the families & loved ones who will never forget
I was watching the NZ Prime Minister, John Key, respond to this tragedy and the emotion was palpable from him; and I can only imagine that Sarah typed this with real emotion.  Classy classy lady. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hilarious Clip

The one in which the reporter states that it's all wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am as Sarah piles through signing books without any personalisation but precedes the commentary with footage of her actually personalising away.

Coming in 3..2...1

Sarah Palin's smackdown of Obama's Korean response

Another leftists' head explodes

This is like shooting fish in a barrel. 

A quick summary:

Palin accurately recites something Michelle Obama actually said.  Palin is a racist who cannot be President for black Americans, or latinos just for good measure.

The vitriol literally oozes out of these supposedly civilized and well-educated people.  What Sarah Palin has discovered is that they're all neanderthals with prehistoric brains and she's exposing them one troglodyte at a time.

Renew.Revive.Restore.2012 - Sarah Palin Election Poster Series

Monday, November 22, 2010

What shall I tell my children who are black?

"What shall I tell my children who are black of what it means to be a captive in this dark skin? What shall I tell my dear one, fruit of my womb, of how beautiful they are when everywhere they turn they are faced with abhorrence of everything that is black. " Margaret Burroughs
I always find it interesting when Obama does strange things - like this:

MEMORIAL TRIBUTE: President Obama remembers a mentor: "Michelle and I are saddened by the passing of Dr. Margaret Burroughs, who was widely admired for her contributions to American culture as an esteemed artist, historian, educator, and mentor. In 1961, Dr. Burroughs founded the DuSable Museum of African-American History on the South Side of Chicago, which served as a beacon of culture and a resource worldwide for African-American history. She was also admired for her generosity and commitment to underserved communities through her children's books, art workshops and community centers that both inspired and educated young people about African-American culture. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Dr. Burroughs' family and loved ones. Her legacy will live on in Chicago and around the world."

One thing it neglects to mention is that in 1987 she contributed to the rediscovery of the poet Frank Marshall Davis by editing the book "Jazz Interlude".  I find that interesting.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random Image of the Day

Messing around with some ideas.  I think that Sarah's colours for 2012 need to be vibrant and sunny.  None of that standard red white and blue - mix it, revitalise it

Vetting Obama

Friday, November 19, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance

It's what will explode their brains

The potential collapse of the Euro is one of the most urgent and frightening economic crises on planet Earth. Sarah Palin of course is a likely candidate for president of the United States. As such, she has access to the nation’s and the world’s leading economic minds.

The president of the European Central Bank? Available. Any of the governors of the Federal Reserve? At her service. The economics faculties of every university in the United States? Ready to take the next flight to Anchorage. Heads of the bonds desks at every American bank and financial firm? That conversation might have to be conducted by telephone rather than in person, but still easily arranged. Prime ministers of Portugal, Ireland, Spain and Greece? Accessible.

Frankly, it’s hard for me to imagine any expert in any subject who wouldn’t feel it an imperative public duty to talk to Gov. Palin if asked.

Rove Assplode

Still Standing

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Leftists are funny

They think Sarah Palin is stupid because she doesn't quote from the likes of Alexis de Tocqueville or Jean-Paul Sartre.  Instead she seems to delight in her ability to speak like a stupid unwashed American.  Then they wonder why so many Americans support her despite all their polls and protestations to the contrary.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Intellectual Curiosity

It means never assuming you have all the answers. Never assuming that you know everything there is to know about a person, a thing or a way of life.

It means constantly striving to understand our world and why people do the things they do.

It also means seeking out diverse information sources and opinions, rather than relying on the sources that reinforce your view of the world. Taking an objective view of things before drawing conclusions.

I swear they mean to say Obama lacks intellectual curiosity but for some strange reason their bat-shit crazy mouths end up saying Sarah Palin lacks it.

President Sarah Palin is going to be so cathartic.

Burning their asses

It must seriously burn the leftists asses that for all their sound and fury, their opinions signify nothing when it comes to the unstoppable force that is Sarah Palin.  

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Stupidest Leftist Bloggers

I think I need to start making a list because they are adding to the dumbing down of the internet faster than Obama bows down to anybody

All of the 'contributors' to this one are thicker than bricks

Then there's this dimbulb proving that age and wisdom don't necessarily go hand in hand

There really should be a Top 10 list for these thickos.  I think I need to dig deeper.  I may uncover the worm at the end of the world.

Kathleen "I led the assassination" Parker

What she forgets is that 'ass' appears twice in 'assassination. Sarah Palin is kicking both Kathleen Parker's asses. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Book Tour Map

Figured I'd create a google map for the tour with all the book dates and the venues - along with an image that can be used in the sidebar things with a link to the map.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Pretzel Logic

If Sarah runs for the GOP nomination then she will win, but everybody she beats would have stood a better chance of beating Obama.

I gather this is based on the assumption that liberals would rather have babies than have a President Palin and would vote in droves.  I would say that if the GOP tried another McCain, with an equally irrelevant running mate, then conservatives won't bother to vote and Obama would win at any rate.

Of course, Sarah would be doing her best to GOTV and will ultimately be blamed for the loss.  So I say screw them all, Run Sarah Run !

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kathleen Parker - Sourpuss

I think she has lost her marbles

A few choice excerpts:

"Despite its considerable gains in the midterm elections, the GOP has a problem looming in the margins named Sarah Palin.   She who can rouse the base like none other is now She to Whom Respect Must Be Paid. Like it or not"
Well maybe you could manage being a tad respectful at the very least you stupid cow

"Palin's Mama Grizzly shtick, which followed her pit bull-with-lipstick shtick, apparently was effective. She had a less-stellar record in the Senate, with only six of her 11 anointed ones winning"
Shtick it where the sun don't shine
"Republican Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama recently had the audacity to assert ...: "Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.".....Bachus - ...has since tried to play down his remarks"
How audacious !!

"Although Tea Party members tend to be over-45 white men - no implication intended regarding Palin's popularity, but infer at will .."
Otherwise known as: "I have something smart to say but I'm too much of a yellow-bellied-limp-wristed-corrupt-media-bitch to actually say it...."
"Cutting government spending may be the central mantra of the Tea Party and, increasingly, of Palin. She recently wrote against the QE2 - "quantitative easing" - whereby the Federal Reserve will dump $600 billion in freshly minted dollars into circulation in hopes of revving the economy. Doubtless, this inspired critique evolved from Palin's long years poring over the Economist"
Oh noooooo !!  She reads????  Sarcasm is indeed the lowest form of wit

But the overlay of social and Tea Party conservatism is everywhere becoming more defined, and Palin is the intersection of these two ideological sectors. Her own life is a human diorama of social conservative principles, and she is now strategically developing the part of her profile that earned her ridicule as a vice presidential candidate.
Oh so now she's strategic and she's way better than 2008
"Watching Palin drop foreign policy and economic nuggets into the Twitterverse confirms that the real agenda for Palin is President Palin, and therein lies fresh terror for Republicans. She's too powerful to ignore, and too (fill-in-the-blank) to take seriously"
And now she's stupid again.
"She is - in a word yet again whispered rather than uttered - "Dangerous."
I thought you said she was a diorama and the intersection of social and fiscal conservativeness?  Oh and stupid

"Not only would Palin the presidential candidate drive away other Republican candidates, but she would most certainly lose a national election. Thus, the GOP finds itself in a pickle: How to shed itself of this attractive nuisance? "
So none of the other candidates can compete with her (but they can all beat Obama)...and now she's a nuisance....dammit I thought you said dangerous !!!!!
"The answer, alas, is the stuff of all complicated relationships: Can't live with her, can't live without her. "
More likely the answer is that you can't get her out of your little mind

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sunny Sarah So Sublime

Decision Points

It's interesting to note that nowhere in President Bush's book, nor in any interview that can be verified, has he slammed McCain for picking Sarah Palin.  Nor has he blamed Sarah Palin for McCain's loss.  What he has done is blame McCain for McCain's loss.  That doesn't fit nicely into the leftist meme that Sarah Palin was to blame so they naturally went and made crap up. 

I think they seem to think that the internet doesn't exist.

Sarah Palin's Strategy for 2012

Monday, November 8, 2010