Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sarah is running for 2012

The leftists and the blue-blood finally figured this out and they've been losing the plot ever since.  I knew she was going to run when she bought the domain name a while back.  She has said that she will run an unconventional campaign and you had better believe it.

My predictions as to how she will campaign and run are:

1.  Any state that is a true-blue state will get a wide berth.  She won't spend a cent.
2.  Facebook and twitter will remain as key campaign tools but she will branch out and use youtube like nobody else has.  Gone are the long text screeds for policy and what-not and in comes Sarah speaking straight into the camera.  Youtube videos are so much more effective and viral than links to written stuff
3.  She really will avoid numbnuts like Couric - but I do expect to see John Stewart in the mix.  The View...not so much
4.  I anticipate that there's something afoot that will eliminate Tina Fey from the equation as well
5.  Her first debate with Obama will be the most watched debate ever - and she will make him look like an idiot.  Liberal heads will explode all over the world.

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