Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random thoughts

I hope Sarah doesn't pardon the turkeys when she's President.  She should beat one over the head just to make 'peta' go nuttier than they already are

I'm thinking the left should worry more about what Obama is actually going to do about North Korea than Sarah's slip of the tongue

I haven't commented about DWTS and I don't plan to...oh wait...but seriously - Jennifer Grey really neeeded that win - it's her everything.

For all the wombat Sarah supporters who would like to offer her advice about how she could do better, how many of you would have advised her to resign?  Just sit back and enjoy the ride.  She knows what she's doing.

Remember that Reagan chose Bush as his running mate even though Bush said he was mad for thinking that Reaganomics would work.  Don't be surprised if Sarah has Mitt as her running mate...the blue-blooded Bush Clan will have to back her then.....

Obama says he doesn't think about Sarah at all......he lies so badly

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