Monday, November 1, 2010

You gotta love Politico

From their latest 4 page fact-based article, that once again manages to quote nobody specifically, they manage to get a few truths in:

1.  There are hacks in the GOP that really want to stop Palin - Check
2.  Palin has unmatched conservative credibility - Check
3.  Palin could win the GOP nomination - Check
4.  Palin may launch an unexpected guerrilla effort - Check
5.  Sarah doesn't actually care what Karl Rove thinks - Check
6.  The wombats believed Sarah had thrown in the towel after she resigned - Check
7.  They are now in panic mode - Check
8.  If she wins, it's the end of the party for most of the dumbledorfs in the GOP - Check
9.  All the other contenders are Palin Lite - Check
10.  Nobody generates the buzz, excitement, energy that she does - Check

Of course they will now have people believe that anybody they cobble together, will do better than her.

I believe she will announce her proposed running mate from the get go - and that she will pick Romney.  That instantly eliminates any Romney attack, gets a ton of moderates nodding their heads in support, and fund-raising will hit the roof.

Her simple argument for RomneyCare is that she needs someone who will know how to unravel ObamaCare and who better than its original architect?  You heard it here first

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