Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So the wave landed and kicked ass.  I'm pleased the GOP doesn't have control of the senate because they still don't deserve it.

A few comments:

It's interesting how the spin doctors are saying that people need to be more picky about their choices - specifically Angle and O'Donnell - because thicko nutjobs like them can't possibly win in deep blue states.  With that logic, the smart classy women in California should have won.

If Lisa wins then God certainly has a strange sense of humour.

I think Obama is happy - finally he has no pressure to perform and can focus on the thing he's best at - campaigning.  I just wonder what the asshat would like to become after no longer being POTUS.  If God was to entertain my wishes, he would change Obama's voice into a high pitched falsetto so that he never spoke again.

If Republicans had any brains, they'd let Obama veto the continuation of the Bush tax cuts.

Oh and I did the math.  If you add the electoral college votes for the states gained by the GOP, it wipes out the gain by the Dems in 2006.  I have no idea what that means except to say that in 2012, the boy wonder is going to just be a boy.

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