Sunday, December 5, 2010

2012: Obama's Top Ten 'Lucky' Breaks

This asshat appears to be gifted when it comes to things falling his way when he needs it most.  Go through his political career and it's filled with: people mysteriously dropping out and gifting him the win, or with events that favour him.  So in 2012, this is my 'Top Ten' list of things that will magically happen in his favour:

10.  Michelle will fall pregnant
9. One of his kids will get really ill but then get well again
8. Osama Bin Laden will be captured
7. Unemployment will inexplicably drop to below 7%
6. Some idiot country will try do battle with America and Obama will snuff it out extra supremely quickly
5. They will discover life on a different planet
4. Some lame-ass will win the GOP nomination
3. Someone will try and shoot him but miss, or just wound him slightly
2. World leaders will put out a joint statement that the world is doomed without his righteous ass in power
1. Secret footage of him being a 'christian' will be released

The list is probably not in order

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