Saturday, December 25, 2010

Sarah Palin - Phoenix

I think it's funny how those who say she's a quitter, wish she would quit doing what she's doing right now.

I think she's not Reaganesque - she's Palinesque.  I can only imagine that 30 years from now, she will stand as a force in her own right; in part for finishing what Reagan left undone - the complete undoing of the leftist agenda

I think that there is an excellent opportunity to, when asked if she's "qualified to be President", to say this: "If your interpretation of being qualified to be President means I need to have snorted cocaine, like Obama, then no I am not" - I suggest she takes Obama out on this during the first Presidential debate.

Everyone knows she will run.  Everyone expects her to announce late.  I expect her to announce first.  In January 2011.  Oh and she will do so via her YouTube channel.
I believe that when she stepped onto the stage in 2008, she wasn't ready for what hit her.  I believe after McCain lost, she took it hard and the left almost succeeded in ending her politically.  They should have left her alone if that's what they wanted.  Instead they went to work, like the bottom feeders they are, to destroy her.  Sarah reloaded.  The 1000 year reign of Sarah 'Phoenix' Palin has begun.

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  1. Hey dude....I got you on the Palin front. Like...she's probably the greatest thing ever, and representing her as a phoenix? Absolutely brilliant.