Thursday, December 23, 2010

Stupid Americans have a choice to make

I note that all and sundry are piling on Sarah Palin right now - I suspect they are doing everything in their power to prevent her from running by attempting to convince her that she's unelectable.  I think they've missed the point completely.

Sarah will run - and she will be in it to win it.  If she doesn't win it then what she will do is forever imprint her true record in the hearts and minds of Americans.  Reagan lost to Ford in 1976 but in doing so he gave lie to the media meme that he was an idiot - and look what happened in 1980. 

If Sarah doesn't wn the primary then she will return with a vengeance in 2016; whoever does win, will lose to Obama.  However, if she does win the primary then she will slay Obama.  I suppose, like Oprah says, stupid Americans have a choice to  make.

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