Thursday, July 8, 2010

This can't be for real !!

Especially not with the pic they decided to use for Sarah - or for the articles they selected to back them up

A Chairman Palin would help set the right tone for the Republican party without having to get herself entangled in the minutiae of policy-development, which has not been her forte. Sure, she’d be polarizing, but so is Barack Obama, and these are polarized times. And it’s one thing to have a polarizing party chairman, another to have a polarizing candidate

So I count a few things wrong with the above that are leftist or just plain dumbass rightist. Then it's 'counter-balanced' with this:

The position of RNC Chair demands a disposition and an education that Sarah Palin does not possess and does not wish to learn. This is fine

Really? This dumbass knows Sarah that well?

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