Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Liberals don't like Americans

So liberals apparently used to be the voice of the working-class man and they used to own the feminist brand.

Then America got flooded by millions of Mexicans and Muslims and the liberals found a new puppy and your common hard-working non-elitist American became some pain in the ass racist teabagging miscreant.

Then Sarah Palin came along. She embraced America, rebranded feminism, doesn't want illegal Mexicans, faces down the Muslims, and mocks liberals.

She takes a lot of flak as a result but she does serve a very important purpose. She gets people to realise they're frogs in a pot and they're realising they need to jump out of the pot to stay alive.

She has achieved much in 12 months. There's twice that much time before 2012. I think her influence is going to be exponential.

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