Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Random thoughts

If President Slick's wife fell pregnant and her child was diagnosed with Downs Syndrome, would she keep it? How would leftists and the media respond for either decision. I bet if she kept it, it would explode President Slick's head.

President Slick is going to outwit the GOP after he loses his majority in November. He already said he's going to test their willingness to reduce the deficit and expose them for the two-faced nimrods that they are when they fail the test. He doesn't really care about the outcome but he does care about the opportunity to unmask them and make himself look good.

I really hope Sarah is out catching fish and filming - and not being hoodwinked into the Replace Steele with Palin campaign. I shouldn't be worried though because she's smart

I wonder when Palin supporters will stop saying stupid things like: "Good interview" as if they heaved a sigh of relief afterwards that she didn't suck. Get over it. There's nothing sucky about Sarah unless you're a dumbass leftist.

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