Saturday, July 17, 2010

Are all leftist feminists as thick as bricks?

Are Palin’s ‘Mama Grizzlies’ Feminist?

A few choice comments...these thickos just can't stop themselves can they?

Palin has George W. Bush’s disdain for intellectual elites, and she lives the rhetoric. She’s undisciplined intellectually, but she’s got street smarts, and they count.

So in code I think that translates as: "Sarah Palin is stoopid but she's quite gangsta"

When I ran the Palin-as-Buchanan theory past another Republican, a woman this time, she said that was an insult to Buchanan, who is deeply serious and has thought about these issues.

So this means: "Sarah Palin is stoopid and I found a Republican chick who agrees"

A big part of Palin’s appeal is how well she works with today’s culture, which is shallow and quick. Twitter is 140 characters—which gets me back to the serious do-gooders who worry about girls in Afghanistan. They don’t have the same ability to get to the heart of things, plus they’re dealing with issues most voters would rather avoid, and that includes Palin, who quit public office when it got harder than tweeting.

And this means: "You should be impressed how I wove that bunch of crap together just to toss in a clever Palin is a Quitter line and at the same time I managed to say she's not a serious human being and she's shallow"

Liberals - more proof that they were spawned by cockroaches

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