Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where's the tipping point?

Ace says it so well

They lie. That is almost all they do anymore. They lie in their reportage and then they rub salt into those wounds by lying about the reasons for their reporting decisions

They all lie, and all from the same script of the same lies.

They lie to your goddamn face and then warble about their "integrity" and "professionalism," and how all their "experience" and "schooling" has dictated that only they know which stories are important. (Curiously, a frightening high percentage of "important" stories directly advance the interests of the progressive movement.)

They lie, and they lie, and they lie, and then they demand your respect and appreciation for their lies.

It's the elitists who get the bullet first when there's a revolution

And in the comments, I agree....

As such, why do we put up with this, when we have it in our power to effect change. And I do not mean simply voting with our pocketbooks, because that does not appear likely to work in the long run. How will it, when the very government the "watchdogs" are charged with overseeing are glad handing for public money bailouts, thus short circuiting the protections inherent in the free market system?

No, I say no. No more of this. We protest on the mall, and we protest on Capitol Hill. And we protest in capitol cities across the nation. But we do not protest where such protests might do the most good: say, at the offices of the NYT. If the major newspapers refuse to give the largest grass roots conservative movement to ever spring up in America, then we bring the movement to them. We bring it right to their front door.

If the press is now an arm of government, why are we not bringing pressure to bear on the press, just as we would the government? They are one and the same, indistinguishable. From Krugman at the Times to any number of "journalists" at the Post - they should all get to see the importance and earnestness of the the Grand New Party up close and personal. And they shouldn't have to leave the comfort of their air conditioned newsrooms to do it.

There is a fight for the soul of the American body politic underway, and those who would attempt to influence the outcome of that fight, rather than report on it in a fair minded, sober manner, should feel the heat. And, just in case, wear a helmet in case Spenser Ackerman shows up to slam your head through a plate glass window.

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