Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Random thoughts

Why do people think that if Palin's picks lose, she's unelectable?  Is that the standard for everybody?

Maybe Sarah should start offering the obligatory 'accidental' middle-finger when talking about BO

How narcissistic is Barrack Obama anyway?  His intials are BO, he has a dog called BO, and a VP called Oh B (iden !!)..haha

If you rearrange BO and MO's initials you get BOOM ! 

I seem to remember a lot more media coverage whenver things got blown up in Iraq when Bush was President - nowadays it's barely mentioned. 

I think that under the BO Presidency, there could  9/11 repeat, followed by a cataclysmic stock market collapse, and lose a million jobs a month for 6 months, and the MSM will still help BO find a way to blame Bush and make fun of Sarah. 

If I was Palin I wouldn't roll my eyes at dimbulbs - I'd kick their heads in

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