Sunday, August 1, 2010


I find it puzzling that Americans could possibly seek to denegrate Sarah Palin in the eyes of the world - and indeed of Americans.  She is iconic. She is the stuff of legends.  She is the uplifting story that people should tell to their children at night; grown men should still raise their glasses to her a century after her death. 

I never did undesrtand why people, who should have her back, seek to drive the knife in deeper then take two steps back and claim innocence and outrage.

She alone is railing against the 4th Estate and the beast is spitting back madly.  Why wouldn't it be possible to launch a massive protest movement that seeks to compel the leftist media to do their job?  It's one thing railing against it in blogs etc but the global media gets their news from the leftist media and the denegration of Sarah is allowed to proliferate without check.  It needs to change.

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