Friday, August 20, 2010

Weekly Cackle

I think the real problem with liberals and leftists is that they're as dumb as stones.   They dress up as wookies, screech like banshees, and expect to be taken seriously.  Sarah would have to suggest sucking up oil spills with a straw to get close to these thickos....oh wait

So Sarah says that Obama doesn't have cajones and then Obama proves her right. Repeatedly.  I think she should say he doesn't have morals.

How does one become like Sarah Palin?  I think I'm in over my head with a 9 to 5 job, 2 kids, and nothing to do on weekends.  She has 5 kids, shoots her dinner, reads EVERYTHING (yeah Couric you dumbass), tells Obama what to do via Facebook and the twitters, flies all around the 57 states, writes books, looks purdy on TV, goes campaigning for mama grizzlies, then cooks the dinner she shot.  Are there like 96 hours in a day in Alaska?

So the liberal media pounces on Sarah every time she says anything and has 72 virgin fact-checkers just waiting to spell-check every word, check the meaning of each word, and then they fact-check the entire sentence.  They then parse the entire paragraph and then if there's still nothing but facts, the Politifact trolls will use a bunch of made up stuff to say she's a liar liar pants on fire.  Surely these people cannot logically live with themselves and their deception...oh wait they're cockroaches

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