Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nobody makes the leftists wobble like Palin does

Pre-alaska primary:

She's such a loser and she's got like no support in Alaska and she's like so going to lose in Alaska and it's like so the end of Palin because she's like such a loser and her endorsement is such a fail.  Epic fail.

During Alaska Primary

Oh my God what's happening?  Oh right it's not because of Palin because she like didn't really do much and there's like a whole bunch of reasons Miller is winning and none of them have anything to do with Palin at all in any way.  Oh look there's Huckabee

After Alaska Primary

Oh what a happy day!  A Miller win is an opportunity for a Dem win.  That pesky Palin shouldn't have messed with Murkowski and if the Dems like win in Alaska it's all like palin's fault because she endorsed such a loser who will lose to the Dems

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