Monday, May 3, 2010

Post Lame Stream Media

I'm thinking there has to come a time when Sarah will have to stop referring to the MSM as the LSM - like it or not, she is going to have to work with them at some point and not slap them around.

They're not going to come to the party (although at the WHCD I did notice that the Palin jokes didn't exactly resonate - and the look on Obama's face when his poster came down and was replaced by Sarah, was priceless. Yeah he giggled at first but he did the finger under the nose rub and the superior pose after that.....)so she will need to bridge that divide. Maybe there's a tipping point or something that makes it all happen - but it will be interesting to see when she stops dissing them.

Of course the leftist nutjobs are a waste of space and she should always diss them. although I do think that once she runs, she's going to have to do the Couric Cow and own her ass...the same goes for that other dolt with the glasses.

Will be fun to see her on The View and watch whatshername's head explode - she will bring joy to my world when that happens. Oh and when she goes on Ellen, will she self-combust as well?

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