Sunday, May 2, 2010

Palin the Pariah

Must suck to be a leftist dingbat who plotted the downfall of Sarah only to see it fail miserably.

The anniversary of Sarah's resignation announcement isn't that far away. I think those on the left thought they had her nailed. Come to think of it, I remember many Sarah supporters thinking OMG !! What's she doing?

Think about what things were like a year ago and compare them to now and it's clear she did the right thing and she will continue to do the right thing.

One thing I have noticed over time though is that I think she has taken some losses on the surface - but these will come back to the fold when she seeks their support so I'm not worried about that.

Imagine if Sarah was VP now and McCain was POTUS...I think he'd suck really bad at being POTUS and he'd drag her down with him. This way, she's free of his legacy (I hope he loses his senate seat personally) and she knows who to trust (and distrust) and she can determine her own destiny.

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