Friday, May 7, 2010


I think this says it best

Plain spoken populist, and ‘tea party’ rabble rouser of his day, President Andrew Jackson once proclaimed: “One man with courage makes a majority.”

It’s our view this statement applies in 21st century America to Sarah Palin. Everyday since her selection as the GOP Vice-Presidential standard bearer in 2008, she has endured the most vicious incoming fire aimed at any individual and family in the history of modern American politics. She deserved none of it.

Yet rather than complain, she has faced down her detractors, stood steadfast for her conservative beliefs and beat the merchants of hate in the media at their own game. She has completely unnerved the President of the United States on several occasions to the extent he used a Congressional address to childishly ‘call her out’ over the healthcare debate.

Make no mistake that Sarah Palin is a leader with a spine of steel, As a result it matters not whether we agree with all she says, how she says it or which candidates gain her favor. Our nation and this world need a leader who knows their own heart, understands the majesty of liberty and the value of faithfulness to friends and family alike.

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