Sunday, May 30, 2010

He's going to need his own failblog

President Fail probably had it under advisement that BP had this thing licked so he hauled his ass to a press conference, went to the beach to pick up a few tarballs, waved his hand over the gulf, proclaimed to never ever stop until it's all sorted out, then buggered off to go on holiday/play golf/do some useless crap expecting that BP would call and say: "We plugged the damn hole"

Then President Fail would have got up, organised a quick press conference, proclaimed victory, drowned himself in his own smug-assed attitude, then buggered off again.

Of course all eyes would then be diverted to other useless crap by the media. However, it failed. As long as this things spews forth, he looks less and less like the man-god some would have you believe he is and more and more like what he really is.

He's an Asshat !

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