Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 reasons why Sarah is despised by leftists

1.  Leftists were raised by cockroaches.  Sarah stomps on roaches.
2.  She shoots things.  So when she reloads and targets them, they cower in fear
3.  They secretly like her.  Leftists wish they could be more like her.
4.  She kept ALL her kids.  Leftists want free healthcare for the ones they chose to keep and also for the inconvenient ones.
5.  She believes in god and that man was created by god.  Leftists haven't quite managed to get themselves to believe that Obama did all that. Yet.
6.  She's a conservative feminist.  Leftists throw-up in their mouths when they even think about it.
7.  She believes in American exceptionalism.  You'd think the leftists would agree at least partially with this one otherwise they'd move to Canada or something.
8.  She regularly reveals Obama as the 'Emperor without Cojones' - and she does it with a smile.  I'll give them this one.
9.  She's apparently stupider than them.  This coming from people who still don't understand the whole Death Panel metaphor thing.
10.  She's going to be the next POTUS.  The tea leaves have spoken.

Oh and this just HAS to get to them:

THR: How will you market Discovery's Alaska documentary narrated by Sarah Palin? She is a polarizing figure.

Liguori: Discovery has always been very successful [with marketing], but very modest. "It's OK to be noticed," is what I have been trying to preach. Indifference is the death of content. What do you do to compel and capture and create conversation in a way that's valuable? ...Something like Sarah Palin? She is one of the most compelling figures on Earth. So, why not? ...

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