Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's a Revolution

Sarah has kicked ass. The GOP should fear her.

The GOP hacks would have one believe that the sky has fallen and Castle was a sure fire winner.  Before 2000, a fiscal conservative (William V Roth) was the state senator for many years.  It seems that conservatives can actually win in Delaware.  Go figure. Asshats

The AP didn't mention Sarah Palin ONCE in their 'O'Donnell Wins' piece.  I'm willing to bet that their original piece had her name plastered all over the place as a loser in the worst possible way.  Asshats

The GOP doesn't actually like having women in power.  Asshats.

Krauthammer figures that Sarah is capricious, destructive, and irresponsible.  We all know he likes saying smart things with words but couldn't he just have said  she's batshit crazy?  That way we wouldn't have to wonder what he REALLY thinks. Asshat.

Oh an done more thing.  If the GOP is SOOOOOOO worried about losing a seat in Delaware, why doesn't anybody think that they should be actively discouraging Moocowski in Alaska from trying to stay in the race?  Do they want miller to lose just so that they can stick it to Sarah?  Asshats.


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