Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Top 10 Reasons Why Obama Is a Muslim

10.  He is
09.  He is
08.  He is
07.  He is
06.  He is
05.  He is
04.  He is
03.  He is
02.  He is

And the number ONE Reason Obama is a Muslim:

The Lame Stream Media is wetting themselves in their desire to prove he isn't Muslim by stating that the real proof he isn't Muslim is because he isn't.......he REALLY isn't...honestly he isn't......because if he was Muslim it would be the worst thing EVER....take that you Islamaphobes


  1. Barry's no Muslim. He's a Marxist who worships the state.

    - JP

  2. Yeah - I'm test driving my Alinsky theories :)

    I don't care what he is as long as he's gone by November 2012

  3. His OWN grandmother has been recorded say what every Kenyan,Governor and Newspapers will tell you Senator Barrack Obama is a Muslim ,Kenyan.His father was a muslim British/African He was adopted by a Muslim,He was trained to be a muslim from age 6 until 10 yearsof age by a Maddrassa?not the one you see today(1966)isn't the same school you see today? He speaks like a muslim he prays like a muslim and he has an exclusive name given only by Muslims to Muslims?Hussien"The sweetest sound on earth as he says its the call to prayers.He refuses to have a "day of prayer" this year but he has a prayer day at the whitehouse and now Ramadam? He hates America like a jihadist and he is deny his faith which FYI: they have a special word that allows him to say anything he wants as long as it promotes Islam"Taqiyya" to keep it safe?.He has written in his book "IF anything bad comes against Islam ,then I will support Islam? Thats in his book?and he refuses to say muslim terrorist,terrorism by muslims,but he will let his administration call vets "Low Level Terrorists" These are just a few reason the social security number and his B.C. is the worst,but signing an exceutive order the "frist day" for his records and over turns Bushs support for abortion funding to Africa?The fact that Obama voted no 3 times in the Infant borned Alive Billand now Kagan being his lawyer,releasing the Black Panthers when they already was convicted for electioneering?
    Last but not least he says theres 57 states in America,and we invented the auto,a fifth grader would know these things,but a 5th grader in Indoniesa would know that there are (57) states in the Conferate States of Islam,and would think that America invented the auto?
    Thens theres the Indoniesan passport and where did all his funds come from when he couldn't even afford college?If it walks,talks,prays,supports Islam ........hes A MUSLIM?