Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Megan McCain Mis-spoke

As I pointed out here

And ruthlessly examined here

In other cases, Meghan’s made up facts are demonstrably and embarrassingly false. For instance, in one place, Meghan claims to be proud of her father because he got almost 48 million votes. About 20 seconds on Google will tell you that John McCain got over 59 million votes. If I could do this while fact-checking Meghan McCain’s book, why couldn’t she do this while writing it?
However it appears that Megan was correct about the 48 million votes.  The small fact she forgot to mention was that the 48 million votes were the additional votes her dad got as a result of having Sarah Palin on the ticket.

Seriously.  He only managed to swing around 9 million votes in the primaries.

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