Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2012 can't come soon enough


  1. Palin is the best conservative candidate… in every way.

    The only question is how much damage has been done to her electability by the largest and most sinister character assassination conspiracy in US political history

    I would like, say, a Palin-Bolton or Palin-Petraeus ticket

    Go get em Cuda

  2. The purists would probably object but I think that she's an extremely pragmatic person and will choose a running mate who will appeal to groups that may be less in her court from the get-go. I still think it will be Romney :) Her choice of Parnell as running mate was pragmatic as well.

    As for the campaign against her, I think it's something that can be fixed quite easily - the news cycle is so short nowadays that I think that the only people who actually pay any attention to most of it are the people who follow every detail every day - that's not valid for most people.

    Wait for the first Presidential Debate - she's going to clean his clock :)